As a specialist in mediating technical personnel, TecqGroep believes that every group of specialists deserves a specific approach. We offer this approach from different companies and business units.

The TecqGroep companies responsible for the recruitment, selection, placement and secondment of this personnel are Teqoia ('white collar', intermediate vocational education plus, higher vocational education and academic level) and Maintec ('blue collar', pre-vocational secondary education and intermediate vocational education level).

Maintec. Expertise included.

With the brand Maintec, TecqGroep is taking a leading position on the flexible labour market for technical professionals in operational positions in the Netherlands.

Maintec has acquired this position thanks to an extensive local network of offices and a separate organisation for placement of international personnel. This enables the company to place many technical specialists. In addition to recruiting experienced professionals, Maintec has specialised in training new professionals: Learning & Development.

Maintec has two units that have specialised itself further in their own sectors:

  • Maintec Automotive focuses on filling both permanent and temporary vacancies for qualified specialists and professionals within the Dutch automotive sector. It also trains people in its own Carflex Academy for positions like tyre mechanic, car damage mechanic and APK inspector
  • Maintec Bikeflex is the intermediary for personnel in the two-wheeler sector. Because they are fully specialised in this beautiful sector, they can mediate between personnel and employers like no other. BikeFlex trains people in its own BikeFlex Academy.



Teqoia recruits and seconds MBO+-, HBO and WO level of working and thinking for companies that matter. 

Tequoia believes in people and knows all about its clients’ worlds. Through an extensive passion for technology, it always ensures the right expertise to make the most challenging projects a success.

These are the values Teqoia stands for:

  • We say what we do and do what we say
    We don’t sell smooth talk and are transparent. We simply keep to our agreements and treat everyone the same way we would like to be treated.
  • We are local and nearby
    We are open to everyone and always approachable. We understand the challenges organisations and specialists face. Tell us what you want, we are approachable. Always and everywhere, because everyone matters.
  • We think along with you in big and free ways
    We are fully grounded in the world of today. We know that the business is local, but we also see the bigger picture. We have an eye for innovation with clients and specialists.
  • You can get far alone, but we can get further together
    Teamwork is the best way to achieve our goals. We share knowledge, success and our networks. Because we believe in the power of the group. Together, we form an amazing team.
  • We believe in our work and results make us happy
    We deliver quality that exceeds expectations. This way, we make the world a better place and are even more proud of what we do. And we want everyone to know that.