VOC and Maintec Automotive provide training for car body repairers

VOC (Vakopleiding Carrosseriebedrijf) and Maintec Automotive have entered into a unique partnership to organise new inflows of scarce talent for the bodywork industry. Maintec Automotive, specialised subsidiary of technical secondment contractor Maintec, provides the basic training for new car body repairers. After their basic training, VOC provides the advanced training into professional car body repairer with a number of modules.

VOC director Yolande van Doornspeek explains how this partnership came about: "We have noticed that it is increasingly difficult to provide the industry with suitable personnel. Maintec Automotive has the expertise to recruit people from outside the industry and train them to be basic workers in their Carflex Academy. We then help these basic repairers master the profession further from a working situation. This way, we can quickly provide the industry with the people they need."

Continuing to learn from practice

Johan Rensing from Maintec Automotive illustrates the situation on the labour market: "At the moment, there is a great shortage of technical personnel. Companies do want to play a role in training new professional personnel, but they are unable to work with people who do not have any foundation. In bicycle technology, we have been responding to this with our Bikeflex Academy for years. And now we are doing the same for car body repairers: with a short, intensive 4-week programme, we make sure they learn the basics of the profession. We then put them in practice so that they can master the skills they have learned. We realise that the profession of car body repairer cannot be learnt in just a few weeks, which is why we are so happy with this collaboration: from practice, our people can follow six practice-oriented modules at VOC during the first six months".


For the recruitment of personnel, VOC and Maintec work together closely with the UWV. Benefit-entitled candidates can follow the training at the Carflex Academy whilst retaining their benefit and will have the opportunity to prove themselves in practice in the form of a test placement. After a successful test placement, they will be offered an employment contract at Maintec Automotive. During the term of this employment contract, they will go through a custom training process at VOC, which further increases the employability of the employee.

The training process is also open to private individuals. These must pay for the training at the Carflex Academy themselves, but do have the certainty of earning an income after the training through a job guarantee.

30 car body repairers

Both companies strive to train 30 new car body repairers during the first year.

The first training begins on 9 April in Zeist. After that, five more courses will take place this year.

About VOC:

As a nationally recognised training and examination institute, Vakopleiding Carrosseriebedrijf (VOC) is responsible for technical, management and entrepreneurial training in the bodywork industry. VOC also has a broad range of targeted (refresher) courses for those who want to become proficient in specific parts of the profession. See also www.voc.nl