TecqGroep new name for parent Maintec and Teqoia

Humares changes its name. The new brand name TecqGroep refers to the specialism of all companies of the holding.

Also, the payoff "Expertise included" was chosen as connecting element between all TecqGroep companies.

CEO Patrick van der Ploeg explains: "Humares has built a solid name as a reliable flex company over the last  40 years. But as a company with a wider focus than we have with our present 100% technical specialism. This has made us decide to change our name and use the payoff 'Expertise included' as a connecting element between our companies. The TecqGroep brand will continue to play a modest role. In the end, it is all about our specialized companies Maintec with a focus on blue-collar profiles and Teqoia with a focus on White-collar specialists."

Passion for people, passion for technology

Van der Ploeg explains what TecqGroep stands for: "The success of TecqGroep is largely determined by the values shared between all of our companies. The values of passion for technology and passion for people are reflected in all choices and activities of our employees. 

Without people, there can be no technology. The ever-advancing developments within technology are only possible through the development of people's knowledge and skills. Having the development of people and the development of technology go hand in hand is the fascination that is shared between all TecqGroep companies. That is why we want to play a sustainable role in the development of our specialists."

About TecqGroep

TecqGroep is a group of companies that specialises in mediating technical personnel.

Our specialised operating companies – the TecqGroep companies Maintec and Teqoia - ensure that technical companies can be provided with the right specialists. They are able to mediate personnel at all levels in the technical sector. From highly educated 'white collar' specialists to operational 'blue collar' professionals.

TecqGroep is the former Humares and has existed since 1976. To underline our technical expertise, the name was changed to TecqGroep in 2018.