Humares reveals new brand Teqoia for mediation of highly educated technical specialists

The brand portfolio of Humares in the Netherlands now consists of two brands: Maintec for the ‘blue collar’ technical employees and Teqoia for the ‘white collar’ specialists. With the introduction of Teqoia, the company is setting up a second strong brand next to Maintec, which is to grow into a leading player on the market of highly educated technical specialists.

Teqoia is a merger of NOVA Engineering, NOVA IT Solutions, Isoper Engineering Services and Primat Technische Professionals. The new company has offices in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Assen, Eindhoven, Hengelo, Oldenzaal and Rotterdam.


Humares CEO Patrick van der Ploeg explains: "We have a strong growth ambition and want to be at the forefront both in the field of operational technical personnel and in the field of highly qualified technical specialists. For the blue collars, we already have a strong brand with Maintec, but for our white collar specialists, our activities were still scattered across three brands. That is why we decided to combine all those activities in Teqoia".

Work changes under the influence of technology

Van der Ploeg about the technical labour market: "We see that technical developments are increasingly affecting the content of work in general, but especially when it comes to specialist technical work. Jobs you could build an entire career on in the past are gone, and people are being trained for jobs that do not exist yet. As Teqoia, we want to ensure that our specialists continue to develop themselves. Through a development in the positions they are successively in and through the training we will offer them. But also by bringing them into contact with colleagues for peer-to-peer coaching".

Teqoia is active in oil, gas & petrochemicals, chemicals, food & pharmaceuticals, construction, civil & installation and machine building.