Patrick van der Ploeg

Patrick van der Ploeg has been active at TecqGroep since December 2009.

Van der Ploeg has a wealth of experience in the flexible labor market. From 1999 he held ultimate responsibility at USG People for all technical operating companies in the Netherlands. Prior, he was managing director at Creyf's (and ASA Student) with its 130 branches in the Netherlands and at Technicum with its 25 Dutch branches. Prior to that he was employed as chief operating officer at United Technical Solutions. Van der Ploeg was self-employed in the retail sector prior to his career in the flexible staffing industry.


The labour market is in constant motion. One the one hand, a large number of jobs is about to disappear due to things like digitisation and robotisation. On the other hand, there are many professions with huge shortages and education is not sufficiently in line with the current demand on the labour market. The demand for technical personnel will remain very high in spite of all the development, which ensures continued tension on the labour market.

Tech & Touch

Technology is in our DNA; we understand what companies and technical specialists are looking for like no other. That is why we feel that connecting these parties is much more than just finding a match. We see an increasing gap between supply and demand. The solution is often sought in technology like platforms and algorithms. It is our belief that this can only partially bridge the distance. It is also about the 'touch', and we can put more and more focus on that by using technological solutions. The strength is in the combination of 'tech' and 'touch' we offer, where the touch is inside our own people. Without that touch, a match really is less successful. Moreover, we understand how people want to develop themselves. Through the combination if knowledge development and coaching, we work hard to ensure the sustainable employability of our specialists.

Continuous development

Education and development is more important than ever before. With an eye for sustainable employability. After all, specialists do not 'automatically' stay suitable for their positions. Fortunately, more and more companies are becoming aware of this. But that is not enough. Experience shows that - although money is now available - employers do not act sufficiently anti-cyclically. Within the TecqGroep companies, this is given extra attention in the form of things like training and bootcamps. But the form is not important; what matters is that it suits the personal situation of the specialist. We are increasingly becoming a sort of community that specialists want to belong to and identify with. Where they can share their daily worries and where others look out for them. Where they get opportunities in the form of training, but where they can also develop as a human being and be ready for the future.

The TecqGroep presents itself as a technical specialists in its selected markets with specialised companies. We want to fulfil a role in the training of new employees for these specialisms and will continue to offer creative solutions to meet the (future) demand. This will allow the TecqGroep companies to continue providing its clients with talents in the future. 'Expertise included'.

Patrick van der Ploeg, CEO