Management TecqGroep

Patrick van der Ploeg


Patrick van der Ploeg has been active at TecqGroep since December 2009. Van der Ploeg has a wealth of experience in the flexible labor market. From 1999 he held ultimate responsibility at USG People for all technical operating companies in the Netherlands. Prior, he was managing director at Creyf's (and ASA Student) with its 130 branches in the Netherlands and at Technicum with its 25 Dutch branches.…

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Martijn Cornelis


Martijn Cornelis started as CFO at Humares, the current TecqGroep, in May 2015. Originally, Cornelis was trained as an officer in the air force at the Royal Military Academy (KMA). After working for the air force for 10 years in various national and international financial positions, he transitioned into the business world. First as a controller at Stork (Fokker Elmo) and then as a finance manager…

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