About TecqGroep

TecqGroep is a group of companies that specialises in mediating technical personnel.

Our specialised operating companies – the TecqGroep companies - ensure that technical companies can provide technical clients with the right specialists. They provide a workplace for these specialists that suits their ambition and career level.

Together, the TecqGroep companies occupy a strong position on the technical labour market. They are able to mediate personnel at all levels in the technical sector. From highly educated ‘white collar’ specialists to operational ‘blue collar’ professionals.

TecqGroep is the former Humares and has existed since 1976. To underline our technical expertise, the name was changed to TecqGroep in 2018.

Vision, mission

In TecqGroep's vision, economic unpredictability, increasing internationalisation and aging lead to a structural shortage of technical specialists. Simultaneously, the flexibilisation on the labour market is ever increasing. The way this is happening and its regulation is under a political magnifying glass.

TecqGroep, as a specialist in technical specialists, wants to make the difference on the labour market. In a future where the distance between supply and demand is constantly increasing, the TecqGroep companies provide continuity and security. They do this through training and permanent development of knowledge and competencies of their specialists and own employees.

TecqGroep - Expertise included

Core values

Passion for people, passion for technology

The success of TecqGroep is largely determined by the values shared between all of our companies. The values of passion for technology and passion for people are reflected in all choices and activities of our employees. From the selection of new colleagues to the policy choices made at the management level.

We believe technology plays a crucial role in the developments of the world. Our passion for technology forms the foundation for our specialisation.

Without people, there can be no technology. The ever-advancing developments within technology are only possible through the development of people's knowledge and skills. Having the development of people and the development of technology go hand in hand is the fascination that is shared between all TecqGroep companies. That is why we want to play a role in the development of our specialists.

This way, the services of all TecqGroep companies are distinguished by personal involvement, knowledge of technology and the drive to grow.


Companies from the TecqGroep offer solutions to link the right candidate to the most suitable assignment.

Finding the right, scarce specialist for a specialist technical job. Or guiding a specialist to the level appropriate for their knowledge and ambitions. That is the challenge. The TecqGroep companies support their clients through three solution directions to get the right person in the right place.

  • Specialised local recruitment
    When communication in the local environment or knowledge of the local methods is important, specialists need to come from the local area. Finding and matching these specialists requires knowledge of the local technical labour market.
  • Continuous development of competencies
    Technical companies need people with up-to-date knowledge. The labour market requires competencies that are changing faster and faster. People are trained for jobs that do not exist yet, and continuous development is a requirement.
  • Continuous sourcing of international specialists
    Specialists with the right knowledge and skills are scarce and will become even more scarce. Sometimes, the best talent can be found in other countries than where the demand is. That is why the TecqGroep companies also search for the desired specialism across the border.

Companies from the TecqGroep offer solutions to link the right candidate to the most suitable assignment.



TecqGroep's management consists of CEO Johan Rensing and CFO Anne van Ravenstein - Huis in 't Veld

Read the vision of the TecqGroep management.